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Tips For Glowing Skin This New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve is the time to step it up when it comes to a festive party look, but don’t forget about your skincare and makeup! To help you start the New Year off right, we are going to share with you some easy tips to have glowing skin all the way into 2017!

Kick Off 2017 With A Fresh Face 

Dry, itchy skin affects a lot of us and can be most prevalent during this time of year when the humidity and temperature drops, making our skin particularly vulnerable to dryness and cracking. That is why it is important to take extra special care of your skin during the winter, as no one wants to apply makeup to their skin when it is dry and flaky, highlighting our imperfections.

One of the solutions is to exfoliate your skin with one of our Soniclears. The Michael Todd Soniclear is great at helping to buff away those dead skin cells, revealing a more radiant, healthy-looking skin.  After sonic cleansing, not only will your skincare products absorb more efficiently, but you will notice that your makeup will go on much better as well.

how to achieve flawless skin this new years eve with michael todd beauty soniclear


With these temperature dips, your skin is more than likely craving moisture, and by adding a product like our Hyaluronic Acid + C Serum into your regimen, you will be able to seal in and retain hydration, which sure is a plus.  Not only does this serum moisturize, but it also enhances the complexion with antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients for a more radiant appearance. 


If there is ever an evening that you want your makeup to look perfect, New Year's Eve is it!  To ensure that your complexion is as even and flawless as possible, apply your face makeup with a Sonicblend. 

The Michael Todd Beauty Sonicblend is the first of its kind makeup brush, that applies your makeup at sonic movements.  The Sonicblend will apply your makeup flawlessly at up to 400 micro-movements per second.  The makeup brush is a versatile brush and can be used to apply your foundation, setting powder, and bronzer without lines or streaks for airbrushed-like results every time!  Additionally, you can use this makeup brush for highlighting.  So, if you want to use it before your foundation to create an under glow, or over to create that bright, radiant finish, you will be able to do so all with one makeup brush! 


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