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7 Ways To Show Your Skin Some Love This Valentine’s

Valentine's Day is a time when we shower others with gifts of love. This year, why not show ourselves some love and let’s start with our skin.

Below are a couple of tips on how to enhance your complexion and boost your skins’ vitality.

Discard Old Products

Your Foundation

While there is not always an expiration date on your all your beauty products, there are some general guidelines for a shelf life on them. But overall, the concern with older products is with bacterial growth. Bacteria and a general decline in the quality of a makeup product, like your foundation is truly detrimental to your skin’s vitality. It’s best to trash the old and treat yourself to a something new! At the same time, you may want to get a new makeup brush and brush cleaner, like the Micheal Todd Beauty Sonicblend and our new Makeup Brush Cleaner, that is specially made to use on your Sonicblend Makeup Brush!

While the Sonicblend is antimicrobial protected, this is not a substitute for good hygienic practices. Additionally, makeup brushes with caked on makeup can become more abrasive, which can cause damage to your skin. Cleaning your brush weekly will keep it soft and back to new again!


Skincare Products

Seldom used skincare products like treatment masks are at risk of spoiling as well, so make sure to check the shelf life on these and don’t hesitate to discard any outdated products.

Skincare products are always evolving. When you get rid of older products, you make room for formulas that contain the latest advancements in the beauty industry. So, if you have wanted to indulge in some great skincare products, this is an excellent time to go and splurge on yourself.


Add complexion enhancing supplements to your diet. Omega-rich supplements like Udo's Oil, Flaxseed Oil, and even Fish Oil help the skin rebuild its barrier function which adds to improving your skin’s softness, luminosity, and youthfulness.

Your Skin May Be Clean, But Is Your Towel?

After washing your face, it’s best to pat dry with a clean towel, but is your towel really clean?  Washcloths can become an ideal nesting place for the mildew, bacteria and more. The last thing you want to be doing it putting this back on your clean face.  This is why it is important to use a fresh towel, every time.  While this may seem a bit overindulgent, your skin will thank you for doing so.

Watch What You Are Putting On Your Skin

Valentine’s Day is a time we want to look and smell lovely.  But you may want to think twice before slathering yourself down with scented lotions. Many people are sensitive to artificial fragrances and dyes without even realizing it. Both synthetic fragrances and dyes are two additives known to cause irritation.

It’s always important for us to avoid additives that can irritate as some of these harsh ingredients can harm the skin, destroy collagen, and lead to premature. A better option is to look for lightly scented products with essential oils and completely free from artificial dyes.

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